Audiograde is founded on a single premise:

We love music and music sounds better through quality hifi.

It really is that simple. Music and hifi should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Our mission is to share our opinions and explanations about the best and most exciting hifi available, while celebrating the musical experiences this gives us.

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Meet the team

Andrew Simpson

Andrew Simpson – Founder & Editor

Andrew has written for some of the UK’s biggest hifi titles and launched many on social media. With a career in digital and a passion for hifi, Audiograde was borne out of Andrew’s vision for a digital first website for the audio fans of today.

Memorable kit: 

My first pair of speakers were budget Heybrooks, hooked up via cheap bellwire to a 1970’s Rotel amp. Hearing Automatic For The People as a young teenager changed my view of what music could sound like, kickstarting my journey into better sound.

Lee Dunkley

Lee Dunkley – Contributor

A former longstanding editor at Hi-Fi Choice magazine with over 20 years experience, Lee knows all about crafting accessible reviews and features for audio fans.

His passion for audio has lead him to join the tech and lifestyle website Tom’s Guide as Audio Editor, where he continues to share his passion and expertise to help audio fans make informed buying decisions.

Memorable kit:

My passion for sound runs in the family and started when I first experienced a hifi system made up of Wharfedale, Leak and Goldring kit that my grandad bought on the spot after hearing a demo at a seventies hifi show.

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Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart – Contributor

A communications specialist by trade, Mike got his first turntable aged just six when the seeds of his love for vinyl and music were sewn, thanks to his dad’s record collection.

Memorable kit:

It has to be my Pink Triangle Little Pink Thing turntable, which I still own and use daily. For me though nothing beats the live experience, and that’s what my hifi is all about and how close I can get to that in my home system.

Andy Waite

Andy Waite – Contributor

A keen cyclist and with a career in IT, Andy’s been obsessed with hifi since he could walk, which has set him on a musical odyssey that continues to this day.

Memorable kit:

My first pair of B&W speakers, which were the first pieces of proper hifi kit I owned, paired with an ’80s tower system and a turntable with a penny atop the tonearm for ‘added bass’. Memorable indeed – but it got better!

Tony Mansfield

Tony Mansfield – Contributor

After a successful career in Financial Services, Tony’s back to devoting more time to enjoy his first love, music. With a passion for every genre, Tony is also our classical music expert.

Memorable kit: 

I’m from a family of music lovers so it’s been in my blood from a young age. Memorable kit? I’d have to say my current system – a Linn Sondek and partnering Naim electronics really are a match made in hifi heaven.