Turntables, Arms & Cartridges

Avid Nexus from rear

AVID Nexus tonearm review

Turntable expert turns its hand to a magical armwand.

Goldring Ethos

Golding Ethos Moving-Coil cartridge review

Flagship pick-up from venerable cartridge brand.

VPI Avenger Direct

VPI Avenger Direct turntable review

Hi-end turntable from New Jersey’s finest with a direct drive twist.

Best of 2023 badge

Our picks of 2023’s best hifi

The year’s best hifi for value, user experience and above all sound quality.

Vertere DG-1S feature image

Vertere DG-1S Sabre turntable package and Phono-1 MKII L preamp review

Analogue package that shows vinyl’s future is bright.

MoFi StudioDeck

MoFi StudioDeck + turntable package review

Accomplished package with pro credentials has a lot to offer at the price.

Pioneer PL-12D with Funk Isolation bubble

Isolation Bubble by The Funk Firm review

Revolutionary upgrade package that’s designed to benefit any turntable.

Audiograde Best of 2002 badge

Our picks of 2022’s best hifi

This year’s best hifi for sound, value for money and user experience.

VPI Player

VPI Player turntable review

Boasting its own phono stage, headphone amp and cartridge in a great value package.

VPI Weisline cable

VPI Weisline tonearm cable by Nordost review

This dedicated wire has been designed as the ideal partner for VPI turntable users.

Best of 2021 Audiograde badge

Our picks of 2021’s best hifi

The kit offering the best sounds, value for money and user experience for today.

Moon 340i X amplifier and VPI Scout 21

MOON 340i X amplifier and VPI Scout 21 turntable review

Is this all singing amp and turntable package a match made in hifi heaven?