Focal Hadenys feature image

Home and away

Focal’s new Hadenys and Azurys cans.

Focal Aria Evo X

Decade in the making

Focal announces new Aria Evo X range.

Focal Vestia with covers

From the gods

Focal unveils its Vestia loudspeaker range.

Focal Bathys

On the move

Focal releases its wireless Bathys headphones for goovers on the move.

Focal Utopia

A new utopia

Focal updates its flagship headphones.

Focal Aria K2 926 & Naim Uniti Star Ash Grey system

Renewed vows

Focal and Naim celebrate their second 10th anniversary system as a more streamlined package.

Naim Focal tenth anniversary system

Happy anniversary

Focal and Naim celebrate a decade together with flagship system.

Focal Aria K2 feature pic

French fancies

Focal expands its Aria K2 speaker lineup with a new 906 bookshelf and dedicated Centre speaker.