Chord Company Ground ARAY

ARAY for noise reduction

After four years of development, Wiltshire’s Chord Company has revealed the next step in the development of its proprietary ARAY noise-reduction technology by introducing its GroundARAY family of grounding devices.

The GroundARAY claims to be the company’s next-generation high-frequency-noise-reduction device, designed to plug into unused sockets on hifi kit to provide a low-impedance route for HF noise to pass through, directly improving the noise floor of the host product.

Precious metal

The cylindrical GroundARAY is made from CNC-machined thick-walled aluminium and claims five separate noise-reduction systems with six termination options on offer, including USB A, RCA and XLR, for a wide range of digital and analogue devices.

Chord Company GroundARAY set

GroundARAY is available now, priced at £550. Visit the Chord Company’s website for more information.


A clearway for streaming


ARAY for noise reduction