Atlas Ailsa Achromatic speaker cable

Engineering to perfection

Atlas Cables has announced its new Ailsa Achromatic speaker cable, joining the Ailsa Achromatic interconnect that launched last year.

Pitched between the company’s Hyper and Mavros ranges, the Ailsa Achromatic benefits from Atlas’s OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) conductor tech and comes formed from 2 x 3.0mm2 OCC multi-stand copper conductors, wrapped in a high-efficiency microporous PTFE dielectric.

Atlas Ailsa Achromatic speaker cable

This is further enhanced with a super stabilised conductor geometry (SSG isolation layer) which keeps the multi-strand conductor symmetrical and geometrically accurate, which is then packed out with anti-vibration cotton filler and finished in a high-gloss grey jacket.

Delivered direct from the factory, the cable with either solderless cold-welded Achromatic Z (4mm plugs) or S (spade terminals).


Available in set lengths with Z or S connections you can also specify custom lengths to order. Prices are £1,395 for 2m, £1,995 for 3m, £3,195 for 5m and £4,395 for 7m lengths. Visit Atlas Cables to find out more.


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