VPI Avenger Direct

Go direct

US vinyl expert VPI hs announced a new flagship turntable marrying the best of two standout machines.

The VPI Avenger Direct Turntable brings the brand’s direct drive technology (first seen in the HW-40 Anniversary deck) into its class leading Avenger range.

The new model is equipped with VPI’s Fatboy tonearm as standard and can also be fitted with up to two additional tonearms of any length and make.

Features self-correcting speed accuracy and a range of tonearm fine-tuning that can be achieved on the fly, the deck marries superior levels of accuracy with real world ease of use.

Its chassis is composed of three layers of bonded acrylic, aluminium and acrylic, with damping between each, locked in by steel corner posts with adjustable height and isolating pneumatic air suspension feet.

Priced at a reference reflecting £35,500, find out more at renaissanceaudio.co.uk.


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