Leema Quantum amplifiers

Quantum leap

First teased at the North West Audio Show and boasting 25 years in the making, Leema Acoustics has announced its first amplifiers within its new Quantum range, with both models borrowing heavily from the brand’s flagship Constellation series.

The Neutron preamp/DAC hosts 13 inputs including balanced, S/PDIF, 24-bit/192kHz USB and an MM/MC phono stage, plus dedicated headphone and subwoofer connections.

Leema Quantum amps in silver


Sporting what could be the largest toroidal power supply ever seen at this price point, the Graviton power amp offers 150W of Class AB power into 8 ohm stereo channels via a high-current topology, with six output transistors per side.

Leema Quantum rear connections

Both models feature in-house circuit boards and casework from the company’s Welshpool factory in Powys, Wales, with their development overseen by Leema Acoustics’ co-founder and ex-BBC sound engineer, Lee Taylor.

Each amp costs £1,500 each or £2,800 if bought together, brining a two-hundred quid saving.

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