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Danish loudspeaker giant Dali has announced its latest loudspeaker series, titled Rubikore.

The five strong range includes two floorstanding models, a bookshelf speaker plus on-wall and LCR/centre channel home cinema speaker.

Dali Rubikore range

All models feature 6.5″ (165mm) double magnet mid/bass drivers with Dali’s paper and wood fibre ‘Clarity Cone’ SMC driver tech, married to a new 29mm low loss dome tweeter, with an added 17x45mm planar tweeter on all but the bookshelf model.

As the largest in the range, the floorstanding Rubikore 8 is described as a 2½ + ½ + ½-way model, with triple mid/bass drivers, reinforced by a trio of Dali’s ‘Continous Flare’ rear firing ports, and costs £5,999 per pair.

Dali Rubikore 8

Rubikore 8

The Rubikore 6 model comes in at £4,499 per pair, standing at 990mm high (vs 1,100mm for the 8) with one less mid/bass driver, while the Rubikore 2 bookshelf model is priced at £2,299.

Dali Rubikore 2

Rubikore 2

For home cinema fans, there’s the Rubikor Cinema centre channel and LCR model at £1,799, while those wanting a less space demanding option can call upon the On-Wall model at £1,299.

Dali On-Wall


Available in high gloss black/white/maroon (excluding On-Wall) and natural walnut wood, find out more at dali-speakers.com.


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