Bowers & Wilkins is taking a selection of its already highly regarded 700 S3 loudspeakers to the next level with its trademark Signature Series upgrades.

The models getting a Signature overhaul include the five-driver, three-way 702 S3 Signature floorstander, the two-way 705 S3 Signature standmount and the new HTM71 S3 Signature centre channel speaker.

Power of the pen

Originally developed as a posthumous tribute to company founder John Bowers back in 1991, the brand’s Signature models have gone on to establish themselves as the cream of each range’s crop, with cherry picked enhancements that raise their performance.

Watch our exclusive interview with Bowers & Wilkins’ Andy Kerr about the thinking and tech behind the new 700 S3 Signature Series loudspeakers.

The new models build on the standard 700 Series speaker that form the basis of their respective designs, featuring carefully upgraded components in exclusive luxurious new finishes.

At the heart of each new model’s design is Bowers’ carbon dome tweeter, housed in a decoupled ‘tweeter-on-top’ aluminium enclosure which gets a new protective grille mesh, derived from the 800 Series Signature models.

Bowers 700 S3 Sig models

Each model’s decoupled Continuum Cone FS midrange drive units and Aerofoil Profile bass drivers have been improved too, with uprated spiders in their suspension systems for improved bass clarity.

Inside the finessing continues with improved crossovers sporting higher grade Mundorf capacitors, improved inductors and revised bypass capacitors, while their input terminals feature higher quality brass cores for a cleaner signal flow.

Bowers 700 S3 Sig crossovers

Available in midnight blue metallic and engineered Datuk wood gloss finishes, the 702 S3 Signature costs £7,000 per pair while the 705 S3 Signature comes in at £3,400 per pair and the HTM71 S3 Signature is priced at £2,200 each.

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