QED Supremus Zr

Supreme signals

British cable specialist QED has introduced its next-generation flagship loudspeaker cable, the Supremus Zr.

Stemming from more than five decades of evolution, it features a wealth of the brand’s leading tech, including Airloc plugs and barrels made with zirconia (an advanced ceramic material more commonly found in watches and fountain pens, and within the automotive and aerospace industries).

QED Supremus Zr plugs

Elsewhere its cold weld system and rhodium-plated locking design is there to ensure optimal contact between a speaker binding post while Aircore technology, cryogenic treatment and 6.2mm2 ultra-low resistance conductors complete the impressive spec sheet.

Priced at £1,399 for 2m runs, £1,599 (2.5m), £2,199 (4m) and £2,599 (5m), find out more at qed.co.uk.


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