Piega Coax Gen2 811

Swiss made

Swiss loudspeaker specialist Piega is expanding its Coax series with four new Gen2 models, each featuring an all-new coaxial ribbon tweeter/midrange driver and upgraded aluminium cabinets.

The updated range includes two floorstanders, with the flagship three-way Coax 811 leading the charge and hosting four 220mm UHQD woofers (with two active as passive diaphragms), while Coax 611 has five 160mm UHQD woofers, with two actively driven.

Piega Coax Gen2 range

The stand-mount Coax 411 also sports the brand’s new new C112+ coaxial ribbon alongside a 160mm bass driver, with the Center 211 completing the line-up should you want to build a home cinema system.

Prices start at £26,900 for the 811, £14,900 for the 611, £7,900 for the 411 (per pair) and £4,900 for the 211 (minus stands, plinths and spikes).

Find out more at Piega.ch.


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