Q Acoustics has unveiled its new 5050 as the flagship model in its 5000 stereo and home cinema loudspeaker series.

Standing at 1017mm tall, it’s the largest speaker in the range and sports twin 6″ (150mm) mid/bass drivers formed around the brand’s C3 ‘Continuous Curved Cone’ profiling.

These flank a 1″ (25mm) soft-dome tweeter that’s hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated from the front baffle, to protect it from internal cabinet pressures and unwanted resonances.

Q 5050 finish options

Their curved cabinets follow in the brand’s longstanding design footsteps and feature ‘Point to Point’ internal bracing for added stiffness with four internal Helmholtz equaliser tubes, to reduce internal pressure and standing waves.

Priced at £1,299 per pair and available in satin black or white, santos rosewood and holme oak finishes, find out more at Q Acoustics.