Linn Arko tonearm

Legend updated

As the Porsche 911 of turntables, any updates to the iconic Sondek LP12 are bound to garner plenty of attention, and Linn has announced a raft of them.

Linn Arko tonearm

Linn Arko tonearm with vapour-blasted finish

These include two tonearms made up of the gimbal based and 7075 aluminium tubed Arko and entry level Krane, alongside two moving coil cartridges with the Kendo that also comes in 7075 via its alloy body and the entry level Koil.

Linn Kendo cartridge

Kendo cartridge is nickel coated and features bronze threaded inserts

These updates also filter into Linn’s turntables, with the mid-model Akurate updated and rebadged as the Selekt LP12 package, which includes Arko and Kendo as standard.

Linn Krane tonearm

Krane tonearm has a polished tungsten and sapphire vertical bearing with a dual ceramic horizontal bearing assembly

The entry level Majik model now comes in two flavours with the MM version still including Linn’s Adikt moving magnet cartridge, while the Majik LP12 MC gets the new Koil pick-up.

Linn Koil cartridge

Koil cartridge is a step up from Linn’s Adikt


The Arko tonearm costs £3,000 while the Krane tonearm comes in at £1,350. The Kendo MC cartridge costs £2,800 with the Koil priced at a keener £1,350.

To buy the new Selekt LP12 will set you back £10,570, while the Majik LP12 MC comes in at £3,675. Find out more at


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