Linn Klimax LP12 turntable

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The latest iteration of Linn’s flagship turntable, the Klimax LP12, makes its public debut today at the Dutch Audio Event, Eindhoven.

Featuring the latest Radikal speed management technology plus the brand’s all-new flagship Ekstatik cartridge, Linn’s iconic super deck has been brought bang up to date after forty eight years of upgrades and evolution.

Linn Radikal and LP12 motor

Linn’s latest Radikal PSU and partnering LP12 motor, which is housed within upgraded casework

The new Radikal power supply claims to have five times tighter tolerance compared to its predecessor with auto-calibration for accurate speed control and with quieter powers supply rails, while its partnering motor resides in an all-new acoustic housing to further decouple it from the main deck.

Linn Ekstatik MC cartridge

Linn’s waspish looking flagship Ekstatik cartridge costs a cool £5.5k

Linn’s new flagship Ekstatik moving coil cartridge features aluminium-bronze inserts and a custom honeycomb top plate to reduce mass and keep its weight to Linn’s sweet spot of close to 7g. At its business end there’s a micro-ridge stylus fixed to a sapphire cantilever.

Prices and availability

  • Klimax LP12 complete turntable costs £21,795
  • Radikal machined enclosure costs £6,500 while the standard enclosure is £4,250
  • New Radikal upgrade costs £1,750
  • Ekstatik MC Cartridge costs £5,500

For existing customers

New Radikal and Ekstatik can be ordered as upgrades to existing Sondek LP12s, while existing Linn customers can part-exchange their Kandid, Akiva, Krystal, Klyde or Adikt cartridges, or their existing previous-generation Radikal or Lingo power supply, at their local Linn specialist.

Visit Linn’s website to find out more.


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