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A new Leif

Hi-end audio distributor Renaissance has announced the availability of the first cables in Nordost’s new Leif 3 range.

Representing the latest evolution of Nordost’s entry-level cables, this new range results from years of technological advancements, optimal materials, unique geometry, and filter-less technology.

Nordost Leif

The Leif 3 line includes four ranges made up of White Lightning, Purple Flare, Blue Heaven, and Red Dawn, each offering power cords, interconnects and loudspeaker cables.

The Leif 3 Power Cords feature FEP extrusion, plus Nordost’s proprietary Micro Mono-Filament technology to deliver the brand’s signature sound. Each range within the Leif 3 series benefits from heavier gauge sizes and updated connectors.

Nordost Leif range

The Leif 3 Interconnects have been completely redesigned with silver-plated, solid core OFC conductors arranged in twisted pairs to reduce noise interference. Each pair is then individually shielded before being bundled and secured in an additional braided shield, providing 95% coverage. Added to this are Profi Neutrik gold-plated RCAs plugs.

Continuing the in-house approach of radically thin, durable and flat cable design, the Leif 3 Loudspeaker Cables sport extra conductors and heavier gauges.

With the Leif 3 Power cords starting from £250, Interconnects from £320, and Speaker Cables from £450, find out more at and Renaissance Audio in the UK.


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