Hi-end amplifier guru Dan D’Agostino has upped the ante on his no-compromise Momentum power amps, by adding more than a splash of trickle down tech from his Relentless series.

The updates have been applied to the new Momentum S250 MxV and M400 MxV models and include changes to both units’ circuitry.

Owners of previous versions can also upgrade their Momentum mono and stereo power amps to MxV level.

Dan D'Agostino M400 MxV

Dan D’Agostino M400 MxV

New prices

The Momentum S250 MxV stereo power amplifier costs £48,998, while the Momentum M400 MxV mono power amplifier costs £45,000 each (or £90,000 for a stereo pair).

Upgrade prices

S200 to S250 MxV is £21,500
S250 to S250 MxV is £14,500
M300 to M400 MxV is £43,000 per pair
M400 to M400 MxV is £29,000 per pair

Find out more on Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems website and Absolute Sounds in the UK.