Vertere Reference Tonearm Gen III

Analogue delights

Vinyl visionaries Vertere Acoustics has unveiled two new products to whet the appetites of vinyl fans.

The Reference Tonearm Gen III is a no compromise design built around split geometry with a longer effective length in the vertical than the horizontal direction to aid tracking a wider range of frequencies, with non-rotating Kevlar fibres providing its pivoting motion.

Vertere Reference Tonearm Gen III

With a 0.4mm thick titanium arm tube, fuse-welded sculpted head shell, articulated tracking weight (to help counteract warped or uneven LPs) and fine adjustments for VTA and azimuth, the arm boasts expert levels of refined engineered.

The Reference Tonearm Gen III costs a cool £43,900 including a 1.65m HB Reference Tonearm cable.

Silence is golden

Hifi accessory hunters have also been treated thanks to Vertere’s new Silencer equipment supports.

Vertere Silencer Supports

Described as a ‘resistive coupling foot’, their design is comprised of a direct coupling ball and isolating layer of Sorbothane.

The Silencer costs £895 for a three packs and £1,195 for a set of four.

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