Transparent Audio Gen 6

Cutting edge cables

Hi-end cable experts Transparent Audio is bringing its Generation 6 range to UK shores.

Featuring a host of improvements, these cables represent the benchmark in the US-based company’s offerings and benefit from six years of research and development.

Cables for connoisseurs

As the pinnacle of Transparent’s range, the Connoisseur collection represents the brand’s top four cable offerings (in ascending order) with the Reference, X, Opus and Magnum Opus.

Magnum Opus Plinth Cross Section

The Magnum Opus’s plinth cross section

With prices starting from a few thousand pounds up into five figures and boasting exotic materials and approaches from carbon fibre network housings, to resonance reducing Integrated Flexible Epoxy Resin (IFER), these are no compromise cables for the finest audio systems.

Find out more about Generation 6 on Transparent Audio’s website.


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