BAT VK-3500 amplifier

BAT’s the way to do it

Delaware based Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) has announced its latest high-end integrated amplifier, the VK-3500. Launched to celebrate BAT’s 25 years of cutting-edge audio design, the VK-3500 marries a ‘SuperTube Unistage’ preamp with a solid-state Class AB power amp in a one-box hybrid design.

The VK-3500 boasts a range of BAT’s technical knowhow, including a circuit based on its ‘direct wire with gain’ approach within a 6H30 tube-based preamp section married to a zero-feedback output stage. 

BAT VK-3500 amplifier with top cover removed

Inputs include balanced and single-ended offerings, while a preamp out means you can feed another power amp should the mood take you.  It also packs a high-quality internal MM/MC phono stage to help limit the box count for vinyl fans.

For more info visit BAT’s website.


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