Goldring Ethos SE

Extra precious

Building on its recently launched flagship Ethos moving-coil pick-up, cartridge specialist Goldring has announced a new model that raises the bar.

The Ethos SE (Special Edition) includes a range of upgrades over the standard model, including pure silver coils and low reluctance pole shoes. It’s aircraft-grade aluminium body also gets a black anodised coating to distinguish it from its Ethos brother, giving it a more stealthy look.

Goldring Ethos SE side on

Inside its low-mass cross-armature core made from Swedish iron is designed to improve channel separation for a more realistic soundstage, while at the business end its vital line-contact diamond stylus features a narrow, low tip-mass, large contact-area to enhance its high-frequency response while minimising distortion and colouration.

Priced at £1,299, find out more at

Look out for our exclusive review of the standard Ethos in the coming weeks.


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