Fathom on wood background

Fathom it

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Campfire Audio has announced that its new hi-end Fathom in ear monitor (IEM) earphones are now available in the UK.

Featuring six custom-made balanced armature drivers, encased in a machined anodised aluminium body, their rainbow PVD fasteners stand out with their vibrant light capturing carcasses.

Fathom on table

Their six drivers include dual custom high-definition super tweeters, a pair of custom midrange drivers and dual custom ‘BA’ woofers.

Sold with two Time Stream Cables including a 3.5mm stereo termination and a balanced 4.4mm cable, formed from eight silver-plated copper conductors in a ribbon configuration.

Priced at £1,049, fine out more at Campfire Audio.


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