SVS Ultra Evolution driver

Follow the curve

UK distributor Karma-AV is introducing SVS’s new Ultra Evolution range of speakers to the UK.

Featuring seven new models, made up of three floor standing speakers, two bookshelf models and a three-way centre channel speaker, the range caters for stereo and home cinema fans alike.

SVS Ultra Evolution front and rear

Sporting acoustically centred, time-aligned drivers mounted in a curved baffle, their design ensures that the output from each driver arrives at the listener’s ear simultaneously. For the three tower models this means its midrange drivers and woofers are positioned above and below the tweeter.

The tweeter is a diamond-coated aluminium dome design, developed using vapour deposition whereby a layer of diamond carbon is ‘grown’ on the surface of the dome to improve rigidity.

SVS Ultra Evolution speaker

For the floorstanding models, dual opposed active rear firing woofers at the top and bottom of each cabinet are arranged in a force-balanced array for a next level of bass performance, while their crossovers feature premium-grade capacitors, inductors and resistors on a heavy-trace printed circuit board.

SVS bookshelf speaker

Prices and finishes

Available in black ash, piano gloss black and piano gloss white finishes, models and prices include:

Ultra Evolution Pinnacle £5,999 (pair)
Ultra Evolution Titan £4,999 (pair)
Ultra Evolution Tower £3,599 (pair)
Ultra Evolution Bookshelf £1,499 (pair)
Ultra Evolution Center £999 (single)
Ultra Evolution Nano £1,099 (pair)
Ultra Elevation Black Ash £1,099 (pair)

Find out more at SVS Sound and Karma-AV in the UK.


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