PMC (or the Professional Monitor Company Limited to be precise) is introducing its latest loudspeakers, the prodigy1 and prodigy5.

Both two-way designs, the standmount prodigy1 and floorstanding prodigy5 both feature a 27mm tweeters and 130mm bass drivers.

prodigy 1 & 5

Both models also employ PMC’s longstanding Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass loading alongside Laminair, an aerodynamically vent at the end of the line that controls the air as it exits, reducing resistance to increase efficiency and help eliminate airflow noise.

The prodigy series is available in a silk black finish with the prodigy1 priced at £1,250 and the prodigy5 at £1,995 per pair, with black fabric optional grilles costing £99 per pair.

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