Jadis PA70 and JB7

French luxury

Hailing from Southern France, valve amp specialist Jadis has announced a new pre and power amp partnership.

Following in the footsteps of its I70 integrated brother, the PA70 power amplifier is built around four KT170 valves, know for their high power with low distortion, delivering 50 Class A Watts per channel.

Jadis PA70 power amp

Alongside these, dual ECC82 and dual ECC83 valves plus a newly designed hand-made power transformer configured for a single push-pull, ultra-linear topology completes the design.

Externally its £10,500 price tag is accounted for by a polished, non-magnetic stainless steel chassis with a 24-carat gold plated front panel.

Jadis JB7 preamp

Joining the PA70 is the compact JP7 preamplifier in matching polished livery with extensive vibration-damping inside.

Three ECC83 valves and five line-level RCA inputs plus remote control feature on the spec sheet, alongside gold-plated volume, balance and source control knobs.

The JP7 costs £4,798, find out more about both amps at Jadis Electronics and Absolute Sounds in the UK.


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