Wharfedale Aura in walnut

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Wharfedale has revealed its latest loudspeaker range, billed as the Aura.

The third loudspeaker range to emanate from the brand’s Elysian development project, the Aura series is comprised of two floorstanding models, two standmounts and two centre channels, all featuring Wharfedale’s Slot Loaded Profiled Port (SLPP) on bass duties.

Wharfedale Aura in white

The Aura 1 and 2 make up the standmount models, with the former being a two-way model sporting a 130mm glass fibre cone woofer and 27x90mm Air Motion Transformer (AMT) treble unit. The latter is a three-way design thanks to a 100mm glass fibre cone midrange unit and 150mm bass driver, formed from the same material.

Both three-way designs, the Aura 3 and 4 floorstanders are distinguished by their twin bass drivers sized at 130mm for the former and 150mm for the latter.

Prices per pair are £1,499 for the Aura 1, £1,999 for the Aura 2, £2,999 for the Aura 3 and £3,999 for the Aura 4, plus dedicated stands at £899 for the Aura 1 and £999 for the Aura 2.

Available in lacquered black, walnut and white, find out more at wharfedale.co.uk.


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