Westone AM PRO X 30

Stage craft

Westone Audio has launched its AM Pro X Series of in ear monitors, designed for stage musicians, mixing engineers and audio fans alike.

Consisting of the single driver AM Pro X 10 at £249.99, dual driver AM Pro X 20 at £379.99 and the triple driver AM Pro X 30 at £449.99, the range draws heavily on the brand’s pro industry knowhow.

Westone AM PRO X 20

Westone AM Pro X 20

Each model features Westone Audio’s patented StageSense tech which combines passive ambient sounds with the monitor mix, so musicians and listeners can enjoy their music while still feeling plugged into the outside world.

Three’s a crowd

The AM Pro X 10 features a single balanced-armature full range driver with a claimed 20Hz-16kHz frequency response, while the AM Pro X 20 houses dual balanced armature drivers, fed by a passive crossover with a claimed 20Hz-18kHz range.

Westone Audio AM PRO X 10

Westone Audio AM Pro X 10

The AM Pro X 30 boasts the same frequency response as the model 20, delivered via a triple balanced armature driver array and three-way passive crossover.

Find out more at Westone Audio.


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