Goldmund Telos 2800 logo

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Swiss luxury hi-end audio brand Goldmund has announced another statement product of epic proportions.

This time its a mono power amp, the Telos 2800 Mono Amplifier to be exact. Boasting a max 450W (rms) into 8 ohms with less than 0.05% IMD (SMPTE) distortion and a claimed input noise floor below 3 μV from 20Hz to 20kHz, it’s everything you’d expect from this no compromise brand.

Goldmund Telos 2800

At the heart of the Telos 2800 beats a 3200 VA toroidal transformer, linked to a substantial 109,600 μF custom smoothing capacitor bank.

Thermal management is taken care of via a new CNC machined heat sink, covering the amp’s entire rear panel which also sports an array of analogue and digital inputs.

Goldmund Telos 2800 rear panel

Weighing 59kg, the Telos 2800 cost a cool £125,000 each. Find out more at


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