QED Golden Anniversary

Golden anniversary

HiFi cables specialist QED is celebrating its 50th year with the release of its Golden Anniversary XT loudspeaker cables.

Featuring the brand’s X-Tube Plus tech which combines its X-Tube and Aircore approaches (see below), the cable is made from ultra-pure Ohno Continuous Cast Copper and 99.999% oxygen-free copper conductors, terminated in cold-welded Airloc Forte banana plugs to ensure a pure signal delivery.

Elsewhere their jackets are made from a low loss ‘Ultra-Uniform Dielectric’ insulation, to boost efficiency while reducing signal loss.

QED Golden Anniversary XT

All abord the X-Tube Plus

QED’s X-Tube works by placing a cable’s conductive material around a central hollow insulating rod to eliminate the ‘skin effect’, that can force high-frequency analogue music signals to the outside of the conductor.

Combining X-Tube with its Aircore tech, which uses individually insulated twisted strands arranged around a hollow core to eliminate the “Proximity Effect” (where eddy currents in adjacent conductors impact flow), has resulted in its flagship X-Tube Plus approach.

Prices are £219.95 for a 2m set, £249.95 for 2.5m, £279.95 for 3m and £399.95 for 5m.

Find out more at qed.co.uk.


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