Meters Novu-1

Head for the studio

Meters by guitar amp gurus Ashdown Engineering has released its superb value Novu-1 studio reference headphones in the UK.

A closed-back, hard-wired headphone featuring custom-designed 50mm dynamic drivers, the Novu-1 features a detachable cable with gold-plated 3.5mm stereo mini-plug, 6.35mm threaded adapter and dedicated carry bag. Revealing their pro-audio roots, the Novu-1 also have easily replaceable ear pads.

Meters Novu-1

Good enough for Guy

We at have been using these cans in our reference system since their press launch with Guy Pratt and can attest for their quality build and impressive sound.

Priced at £69, find out more on Meters’ website and about the history of Ashdown Engineering.



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