dCS Lina


British digital audio pioneer dCS is set to wow headphone fans with its new no-compromise Lina headphone amplification system.

Separated into three components, the Lina lineup includes a network DAC, master clock and dedicated amplifier in matching compact cases.

The Lina Network DAC combines dCS’s Ring DAC tech and Digital Processing Platform with other proprietary technologies, including dCS Expanse headphone processing plus an integral touch screen and dCS Mosaic app connectivity. The Master Clock can be added to the Network DAC for further sonic enhancements while the analogue Lina Headphone Amplifier can be used separately, both with its matching Lina components or other systems of your choosing.

Prices are £11,750 for the Lina Network DAC, £6,750 for the Lina Master Clock and £8,400 for the Lina Headphone Amplifier.

Find out more at dcsaudio.com.


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