Mola Mola Lupe front on

In the Lupe

Netherlands based hiend audio specialist Mola Mola is set to lauch its Lupe phono stage in the UK, thanks to Sound Design Distribution Ltd.

Based on the phono stages found in its class leading Makua pre-amplifier and Kula integrated amplifiers, the RIAA based Lupe offers fully independent moving-magnet and moving-coil compensation circuits with short signal paths, each optimised for low current noise and voltage noise.

Input gain is switchable in 5dB steps over a 40dB range, with input resistance and capacitance also allowing for individual tailoring via EQ settings that cover a wide range of cutting curves (including 78 RPM).

Mola Mola Lupe rear panel

Fine calibration via analogue switches can also be managed from Mola Mola’s Remote app or stored directly under preset buttons. With three single ended and one balanced input the Lupe caters for a range of cartridges and turntables simultaneously, with both single-ended and balanced outputs on offer for hooking up to your amp.

Complete with a dedicated power supply, subsonic filter, and display screen, the Lupe costs £7,299.

Find out more at Mola Mola and Sound Design Distribution Ltd in the UK.

You can also experience Mola Mola’s Lupe at the UK Hi Fi Show Live, from 29 Sept 29 to 1 October at Ascot Racecourse.


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