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Perfectly timed for Munich’s High End 2024 show starting today, Sonus faber has announced its latest generation Sonetto G2 loudspeakers.

Sporting custom engineered drivers, with tech derived from its groundbreaking Suprema system, the range is instantly recognisable thanks to their lute shape for optimised sound dispersion.

Sonus faber G2 II

Sonus faber G2 Sonetto II in wenge finish

Their wood cabinets have been further enhanced too with new concrete bases, while on the hardware side, their woofers get paper pulp sandwich cones and silk dome DAD (Damped Apex Dome) tweeters with copper cups, capable of reaching beyond 30Hz.

Seven models

The range consists of the Sonetto I bookshelf model (£1,750), Sonetto II standmount (£2,200), Sonetto III floorstander  (£4,000), Sonetto V floorstander with twin bass drivers (£5,500) and larger Sonetto VIII floorstander (£7,000) plus Sonetto Center (£2,250) and Sonetto On Wall (£1,150). There’s also the dedicated G2 Stand (£800) for the I and II models.

The collection features a range of optimised reflex ducts with the I and II models utilising a front reflex duct, while the III gets rear and down-firing reflex ducts and the V and VIII models feature down-firing reflex ducts and the Sonetto CI a rear reflex duct.

Sonus faber G2 VIII

Sonus faber G2 Sonetto VIII in walnut food finish

Finishes include open pore fine wood with walnut, wenge, and piano black on offer.

Show goers to High End Munich can see the range for themselves in rooms F109 and F114.

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