Melco N5-H50 digital music library

Library luxury

Following the introduction of its flagship digital music library, the SSD-based N1-S38, Japanese digital music specialist Melco has announced its new N5-H50.

Featuring HDD storage, a mainboard derived from its class leading sibling and a simplified features set, the N5-N50 also packs an extreme grade low-jitter clock from NDK, industrial-quality RJ45 connectors for Melco’s LAN port and dedicated Player port, plus SFP Fibre (Small Form Factor Pluggable) for noise-isolating optical connectivity with suitably SFP-ready devices.

Melco N5-H50 rear panel

Continuing its attention to detail, the N5-H50’s power supply employs multistage linear regulation and a hi-spec audio grade toroidal transformer that’s mounted on a special vibration nulling cushion.

The N5-H50 costs £7,499 and is available in black or silver. Find out more at Melco Audio.


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