Luxman PD-191A

Luxury spinner

Marking almost a century in the audio game, Japanese high-end audio specialist Luxman has lifted the lid on its top of the line turntable, the PD191A.

Sporting internal suspension, electronic speed control with pitch adjustment at 33.3, 45 and 78rpm plus anti-vibrational feet, the PD191A marries retro charm with modern tech.

Luxman PD-191A from above

With a 10in S shaped tonearm turning on knife-edge bearings, brushless DC motor and high-mass platter, the PD191A is housed in a real wood case with alloy toplate.

Luxman PD-191A angled

Priced at £11,000 with tonearm and dust cover, you can also add Luxman’s LMC-5 cartridge for an extra £1,500 (saving £500).

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