Melco N50-S38

Melco for the midrange

Melco Audio has launched the N50-S38, billed as its first midrange SSD-based digital music library. Handcrafted in Japan, the full-width N50-S38 offer an enhanced main board with a specially selected 3.84 TB SSD drive coupled to a new rigid, layered SSD cradle and PSU with 25 % more output.

Melco N50-S38

Melco’s N50-S38 connectivity includes four dedicated USB 3.0 ports catering for a DAC output, expansion and backup alongside two Ethernet sockets

The N50-S38’s ports allow USB devices to connect and operate without any configuration for importing or playing music from memory devices, HDD/SSD drives and CD drives plus capacity expansion with storage drives and and backup to HDD/SSD drives.

Dual Ethernet ports for a dedicated ‘Player’ port in addition to the LAN port helps to keep the music signals isolated, while the front panel boasts an OLED display with push-button controls to operate plus Melco’s Intelligent Music Library suite,

The N50-S38 comes in silver and black (the latter badged as the N50-S38B) and costs £4,999.

Find out more on Melco’s website.


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