Melco N100-H50

Melco’s memory boost

Melco N100-H50 front panel

Surrey’s Melco Audio has given its entry-level digital music library a major storage boost. The new N100-H50 benefits from a 150% capacity increase over its standard 2TB N100-H20 sibling, with a whopping 5TB of storage. The N100-H50’s upgraded HDD is also the same audio-specific model that’s featured in the £7,499 N10 45th anniversary edition .

Audio specific storage

Each dedicated drive is hand-picked by the factory to for improved  performance and is designed from the ground-up as an audio-specific device, eschewing standard IT components or PC parts.

Melco N100-H50 rear panel

Data rates of up to 32 bit/384 kHz and Octo DSD are supported, along with gapless and Melco markerless DSD.  Control is via Melco’s Music HD app, from the front panel, or through approved third-party remote controls. The N100-H50 is also Roon Ready following a recent firmware upgrade.


The N100-H50 will be available at the beginning of July priced at £2,499. The existing N100-H20 is also still available and priced at £1,999. Both come in a choice of black or silver.

Find out more on Melco’s website.


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