Family-owned Japanese hifi giant Rotel is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

Launched in Tokyo in 1961 by Mr. Tomoki Tachikawa, the brand has gone on to establish itself as one of the most well known hifi companies on the planet over six decades.

Rotel 1592MKII

The latest RA-1592MKII integrated amplifier

Back catalogue

Since its inception, Rotel has launched over 2,000,000 products with 630 unique models, including 220 amplifiers, 40 CD player models, over 50 cassette decks and more than 35 turntables.

The brand marked this landmark anniversary with the launch of five new MKII models this year with the A14 MKII, RA-1572MKII andĀ RA-1592MKII integrated amplifiers and the RC-1572MKII and the referenceĀ RC-1590MKII preamplifiers.

Visit Rotel’s website to explore the brand’s fascinating history.