dCS Vivaldi article

One returns

Fresh from announcing extensive upgrades to its Ring DAC technology with updated Apex editions of its Vivaldi DAC, Rossini DAC and Rossini Player components, dCS has revealed the rebirth of its Vivaldi One in similarly upgraded form to mark the company’s 35th anniversary.

dCS relaunches its cutting-edge Vivaldi One Apex player

The limited edition dCS Vivaldi One Apex updates the original Vivaldi One launched in 2017 which combined core technologies from the Cambridge-based company’s flagship Vivaldi components into a single-chassis DAC, network music player and CD/SACD player and limited to 250 units.

Price and availability

The new dCS Vivaldi One Apex is strictly limited to 50 units with preorder shipping beginning from June and costing a cool £76,500. Find out more at dcs.com


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