Musical Fidelity A1

Return of a Class A icon

Under the ownership of Austrian parent brand Audio Tuning, Musical Fidelity is continuing to reintroduce iconic models from its forty year history and up next is the amp that put the brand firmly on the hi-end map, its A1 integrated.

Musical Fidelity A1 internals

Built around pure class Class A topology with 25W on tap into 8 ohms that can shift into Class B territory when its current draw demands it, this new model is brought up to date in an enlarged chassis for better heat management, dedicated power supplies for the left and right channels and remote volume control.

Musical Fidelity A1 rear panel

Inputs include five line-level plus a switchable moving-magnet/moving-coil phono stage alongside fixed and variable outputs.

Priced at £1,499, find out more at Musical Fidelity and Henley Audio in the UK.


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