LS5/9 tweeter

Studio legends

A loudspeaker that needs no introduction, the legendary LS3/5A has been reimagined by Musical Fidelity.

Musical Fidelity LS3/5A

Priced at £2,349 per pair, this new interpretation follows the BBC R&D design’s original two-way standmount design.

Originally specified for small listening spaces like mobile broadcasting control rooms, the LS3/5A quickly became an industry standard for music studios. The little speaker also gained a cult following in hifi circles for its accuracy and this latest version continues the story of one of the world’s most beloved closed-back boxes.

Musical Fidelity LS5/9

Building on this, Musical Fidelity has also announced its new LS5/9, priced at £4,099 that’s manufactured according to the BBC R&D design 1983/10 as a two-way bass reflex speaker.

Both models are being shown at this week’s High End Munich show event. Find out more at


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