Say it with a sub

Kent based speaker specialists KEF is going deep with the launch of its latest subwoofers, in the guise of the Force-Cancelling KC92 and new Kube models.

All feature KEF’s proprietary DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithm and its innovative MIE (Music Integrity Engine) tech.

Tailored for each model, MIE is designed to ensure every component within the individual subwoofer works in harmony to elevate its overall performance.

Powered by MIE, the iBX (Intelligent Bass Extension) then analyses the input signal, allowing the sub to go louder while remaining dynamic in its audio output.

The KC92 packs twin 9″ hybrid drivers, formed from a concave aluminium skin sitting over a paper cone, connected to a vented voice coil and enlarged motor system.

The force-cancelling layout of the KC92’s two drivers is back-to-back, each driven by their own 500W Class D amp.

Available in black and white finishes, the KC92 costs £2,499

KEF Kube range

New Kube

Available in four sizes, with their monikers matching the size of their respective front firing drivers in inches, the Kube range includes the 15 MIE (£1,149), 12 MIE (£849), K10 MIE (£749) MIE and 8 MIE (£599.

Each model houses a dedicated 300W Class D amp driven by MIE tech with KEF’s SmartConnect intelligent inputs, primed to automatically detect mono or stereo signals and adjust the subwoofer volume level accordingly.

Find out more about KEF’s subwoofer range.


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