Kieth Monks Prodigy Plus

Spring cleaning

Celebrating over 50 years of its record cleaning machines, Jonathan Monks, son of founder Keith Monks, has announced two new additions to the company’s Prodigy record cleaning machine range alongside updates to the original machine.

Kieth Monks Prodigy Blue Deluxe

Keith Monks Prodigy Blue Deluxe

These new models claim the world’s first threadless point suction cleaners, updating the older models which used a thread between the suction nozzle and the record. The new system is simpler, easier and more effective.

The Prodigy series is Keith Monks most silent machine to date, with all models claiming to be quiet enough to enjoy playing an LP while cleaning another.

These new models also come fitted with a multi-colour lighting system to enhance their visual appeal.

Keith Monks Prodigy Galileo white

Keith Monks Prodigy Galileo

Prodigy Plus cost £1,295 and comes in natural bamboo, while the Blue Deluxe and Galileo Deluxe models cost £1,595 and add auto shut off with a faster two minute cleaning time.

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