MoFi SourcePoint 10 speakers

To the point

After 18 months of R&D by Chief Speaker Designer Andrew Jones, MoFi has announced a new loudspeaker.

The SourcePoint 10 is a two-way design featuring a 10″ paper pulp concentric driver in a point source configuration, with a  1.25-inch soft dome tweeter at its centre sporting a large-diameter voice coil.

MoFi SourcePoint 10 speakers

The tweeter’s wide surround is designed to extend its low and high-frequency response, while its waveguide loading helps increase low-end efficiency.

Each driver’s magnets have also been specifically designed as part of a ‘twin-drive’ approach, using high-flux neodymium variants that are precisely coupled to aid the other in driving the flux across the woofer and tweeter gaps.

The cabinet design includes a sculpted, multi-faceted two-inch-thick front baffle and comes in wood veneer of either satin walnut or black ash.

The SourcePoint 10 costs £4,500 plus £550 for dedicated stands. Find out more at and Karma AV in the UK.


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