Acoustic Energy AE1092

Ton up

Five years on since the launch of the current models, Acoustic Energy has updated its entry-level 100 loudspeaker range.

The new 100 Series has been redesigned from the ground up, including by replacing the outgoing models’ 4” paper cones with new 5” drivers using four layer voice coils complete with flux rings. The cabinets are now formed from 15mm high density fibreboard (HDF) instead of 18mm MDF, increasing each cabinet’s internal volume without compromising rigidity or acoustic performance.

New 25mm soft-dome wave-guided tweeters and higher-grade binding posts complete the package, which comes in a range of improved veneers.

AE100 Series

The five strong 100 Series includes two floorsanders, a bookshelf speaker, subwoofer and centre channel (pictured not to scale) and comes in black and walnut veneers, with white available for the bookshelf model only

Prices and models

The new 100 Series starts at £229 up to £599 and includes the AE1002 bookshelf, AE1092 floor-stander, AE1072 centre and AE1082 active subwoofer with the AE1202 flagship floor-stander following in the Spring.

Visit Acoustic Energy’s website to find out more.



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