Ferguson Hill Jetstream

Transparent sonics

Kent based loudspeaker builder Ferguson Hill has announced its Jetstream loudspeaker system.

Described as its finest-ever design after two decades in the making, it builds on the brand’s seminal FH001 which earnt its place in hifi history, after Apple co-founder the late Steve Jobs was rumoured to be the USA’s first FH001 buyer.

This new model is comprised of a pair of Jetstream Horn Loudspeakers (featuring the company’s own manufactured semi-full range drive unit, created in conjunction with Cube Audio of Poland), a pair of Jetstream Bass Speakers, and a 2 x 200W Class D Jetstream Bass Amplifier.

Jetstream full system

Though a large portion of the new system is transparent, many improvements to their construction are internal, including the damping structures between the metal ring and drive unit and each leg’s internal dampening.

Further enhancements include the bass speaker’s three-part feet with internal dampening and removable spikes, plus uprated neodymium magnets in the 300mm bass drivers.

Jetstream bass amp

The Ferguson Hill Jetstream system costs £105,200, made up of  Jetstream Horn Speakers (£72,955 per pair), Jetstream Bass Speakers (£22,295 per pair) and Jetstream Bass Amplifier (£9,950).

Find out more at fergusonhill.co.uk.


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