Russ Andrews Clarity 2.0 front on

Stop the noise

First spied at this year’s UK Hi-Fi Show Live, Russ Andrews has launched its Clarity Pro 2.0 noise reducer.

Utilising the brand’s Coherence Technology, the Clarity Pro 2.0 is designed to reduce noise and stray electromagnetic fields reaching a partnering hifi system.

Tracing its heritage back to the company’s QRT Quantum products of 2006, this latest iteration is again developed in conjunction with the US based inventors of the technology.

Clarity 2.0 internals

The Clarity Pro 2.0 comes housed a purpose built ABS case that’s designed to be located as close as possible to an audio system.

The Coherence Technology modules then generate a pre-programmed field of a specific pattern and duration, which can then be controlled via the front panel control knob for its strength and the effect of the unit with the listener tuning it to their system by ear.

Russ Andrews Clarity 2.0 with PSU

Clarity Pro 2.0 is powered by a 12V DC power supply supplied as standard, which can be upgraded with Russ Andrews’ designed Supplier DC power supply.

Clarity Pro 2.0 costs £1,495 and £1,944 with The Supplier DC. Find out more at


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