Russ Andrews introduces Kimber Kable Carbon 8 loudspeaker connectors

Where’s me jumper?

Russ Andrews is introducing a new jumper cable to match its line of speaker cables.

The Kimber Kable Carbon 8 is designed to be used with single-wiring bi-wirable loudspeakers, as an ideal match for its Carbon 8 loudspeaker cable.

The cable features an electrostatically-dissipative carbon polymer between the Teflon dielectric and VariStrand conductors, with polymer in between its VariStrand copper conductors to maintain its geometry, so that the stranded conductors behave more like a solid-core cable.

Russ Andrews Introduces Kimber Kable Carbon 8 Loudspeaker Jumper Cables spades

The Kimber Kable Carbon 8 jumpers can be supplied with Kimber PostMaster PM33 8mm spade connectors or Kimber banana plugs at either end and cost £616 for a set of four.

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