KEF Blade

Cutting edge

Kent based KEF has unleashed (or should that be unsheathed) its latest Blade and Reference loudspeaker models.

Both ranges benefit from KEF’s latest acoustic innovations using Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MATTM), a bespoke 12th generation Uni-Q driver and a new ultra-low distortion midrange motor design.

KEF Blade and Reference

Sonic style and substance – KEF’s Blade models (left) and Reference in gloss white (right)


The Blade range includes two models, with the Blade One Meta leading the charge at £30,000 and the Blade Two Meta being the more affordable option at £22,500.

Meticulously built in their instantly recognisable sculptural design, their complex parabolic curves of acoustically inert cabinets are engineered to eliminate standing waves that could blur the sound.

Designed around a Single Apparent Source technology using the latest generation of KEF’s iconic Uni-Q driver array ensures its low, mid and high frequencies radiate from one point for ideal coherence.

Blade’s four low-frequency drivers are mounted back-to-back to cancel out kinetic forces that could colour the output, with each pair occupying a separate chamber.

Available in eight finishes made up of five cabinet options with six driver cone colours as standard, customers can also customised their colour scheme by supplying a Pantone of their choice.

KEF Reference

The Reference

The Reference series cabinets are designed using finite element analysis to determine the ideal shape and bracing geometry that minimises secondary radiation from the sides, with constrained layer damping to convert what little vibration is left into heat.

The dome contours within The Reference’s midrange horn and surround are all computer-optimised to ensure a smooth cabinet transition, while KEF’s tangerine waveguide technology enables a wide and even sound dispersion.

The References’ bass driver employ massive, vented magnet assemblies, large aluminium voice coils and lightweight stiff alloy cones.

Available in high-gloss finishes or pair-matched wood veneers with five available options in a combination of three cabinet and five driver cone colours including satin walnut/silver, high-gloss white/blue, high-gloss white/champagne, high-gloss black/grey and high-gloss black/copper.

Models and prices

Blade One Meta costs £30,000
Blade Two Meta costs £22,500

Reference 5 Meta costs £17,500
Reference 3 Meta costs £11,500
Reference 1 Meta costs £7,500
Reference 4 Meta costs £6,500
Reference 2 Meta costs £4,750

S-RF1 Floor Stand costs £1,000
REF 8b Subwoofer costs £6,000

Reference range S-RF1 Floor Stands and grilles are available as separate items.

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