Naked Kimber Cable

Bare metal

Russ Andrews has introduced its flagship no-compromise Naked Kimber Kable interconnects to UK audio fans.

The Naked moniker derives from the cable’s construction, which is based on 24AWG solid core copper ‘of the highest purity’ claims the company, whereby its individual conductors are not covered in an insulating layer of polymer.

Instead they are annealed in a hydrogen-rich environment for maximum conductivity and plated with a thick layer of palladium as a metallic diffusion barrier, followed by a thick layer of 24ct gold for corrosion protection.

To prevent short circuits, the six uninsulated “naked” conductors are then carefully braided with un-dyed and un-waxed cotton strands in Kimber’s trademark woven geometry, to secure and separate them.

Naked Kimber Cables

Prices and availability

Priced at £12,700 for 1m and £17,600 for 2m (other lengths are available), with either RCA or XLR terminations, find out more at Kimber Kable and Russ Andrews Accessories.


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