Naim Solstice Turntable

Naim that turntable

Naim Equinox cartridge

The Equinox MC cartridge features a microline stylus and boron cantilever

In what can only be described as a landmark product, Naim Audio (one of the most well known, erm, names in audio with 50+ years experience) has launched its first ever turntable.

Called the Solstice Special Edition package and limited to 500 units, this high-end vinyl spinner also comes equipped with a next-generation Aro tonearm. And that’s not all, lucky owners will also get a Naim Equinox MC cartridge, Solstice Series Phono Stage, dedicated power supply and bespoke accessories set.

Perfect partnering

Both the Solstice Series NVC TT phono stage and NPX TT power supply are hand-crafted in Salisbury. While the turntable, arm and cartridge are made to Naim’s exacting standards, by Germary’s Clearaudio.

Naim turntable production line

Working on a wheel of steel

Available from late July, the Naim Audio Solstice Special Edition is available to pre-order now from select retailers worldwide, with a suggested selling price of £16,000.

Find out more on Naim Audio’s website.


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